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Thierry Bisch - Delete

The Biodiversity Encyclopedia, created by Giuseppe Mazza in 2003, is available online in 4 languages: English, Italian, Spanish and French, and currently counts more than 4.000 tabs, 5.000 visitors per day and 63 contributors worldwide.

The aim is “to catch the eyes in order to reach the mind”, to attract the attention of the visitors with beautiful pictures and large captions, so that they can then enjoy the text written by specialists in a way that makes science accessible, because love and respect for nature goes through one's understanding of it.

It’s still at the start and Giuseppe Mazza is searching for qualified authors and translators from Italian to French and Spanish, or from English to French and Spanish. For the moment, the encyclopedia only has full translations in Italian and English.


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Thierry Bisch - Delete

Delete? is an international undertaking from artist Thierry Bisch aiming to make society aware of the imminent threat of extinction of a large number of species.

According to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, close to one mammal in four is threatened by extinction.
In order to create awareness and make the population of urban centers responsible, the proposed idea is to show individual images of threatened animals on very large scale canvases, right in the center of the big cities of the world.
”Delete” is the common way of deleting a text, an image, or a file on your computer. But what will it mean when ”Delete” is associated with living species? Stronger than the word ”Save”, that only engages the ones who take action, ”Delete” forces everybody to give thought to the problem. Can you, with one simple click, wipe out a species on this earth? This is of course about an artistic action, of a conceptual project. The artist is there to ask questions and these questions have the benefit of concerning each and everyone of us.
Prince Albert II of Monaco Fondation deeply involved with the preservation of wildlife, flora and maritime regions, supports this artistic project and the first large canvas will be installed in the heart of the Principality for the 10-year anniversary of the Foundation this coming June. Followed by other enormous animals in Montreal, Singapore, Milano, Geneva, New York and other places...



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